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The Healing of Families

“The Healing of Families”

St Marys Parish, search Helsinki

By Fr. Yozefu-B. Ssemakula


Venue: St Mary’s Parish Mäntytie 2, story 00270 Helsinki

Registration: ljoannoujyranki@gmail.com

Why Attend “The Healing of Families” Seminar?

• Have you prayed for years for healing of your family and nothing has happened?
• Learn this form of prayer that is effective for those stubborn personal and family problems.
• Through your participation, experience family-wide relief and healing of spiritual, physical, and emotional problems.
• “Redeem” your relationships and change the course of your family’s history.

Loppiaiskonsertti Pyhän Marian kirkossa


Pyhän Marian kirkossa
Loppiaisena 6.1. klo 16:30

Sari Pyykönen, view Severi Laakso
Aino Salmi, Markku Mäkinen

Messut Karjaalla, Hangossa ja Hyvinkäällä

Tervetuloa pyhään messuun / Welcome to the Holy Mass:

Karjaa (pyhän Katariinan kirkko, click Lärkkullantie 26, medicine 10300 Karjaa)
10.1., diagnosis 7.2., 21.3., 25.4. la klo 13.00 messu suomeksi, 23.5. la klo 12.00 messu suomeksi
Hanko (Täktomin kappeli, Kappelitie 36, 10900 Hanko)
10.1., 7.2., 21.3., 25.4., 23.5. la klo 16.00 messu suomeksi
Hvyinkää (Vanha kirkko, Uudenmaankatu 13, 05800 Hyvinkää)
24.1., 21.2., 28.3., 11.4., 16.5. la klo 16.00 messu suomeksi


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