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We request that everyone present in the church will wear a face mask during all Masses and events. A priest will give the Holy Communion first to those wishing to receive it in the hand, and only after that to those receiving on the tongue.

It is still required to make an online reservation of a place in the church at the Mass. There is a link on the website of our parish “Registration for the Mass” where parishioners can choose the time of the Mass and the amount of places. The confirmation of the reservation will be checked in the church if needed.

There will be a prayer for the faithful departed on the All souls day, which is on Saturday, 31st of October at 1 pm at the Catholic quarter of the Malmi graveyard.

The All Saints solemnity will be celebrated on Sunday 1st of November.

There will be Mass in Espoo, in the Olari chapel, on Sunday 1st of November at 4 pm.

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