We will celebrate the Presentation of the Lord feast on the next Tuesday, 2nd of February. It is also a day of consecrated life. There will be Mass in Finnish at 6 pm. Please bring a candle on that feast as there will be a blessing of candles at the beginning of the Mass.

There will be an adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on the next Friday 5.2 in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The adoration will start after the evening Mass and will last till midnight.

The World Day of the Sick will be celebrated on Thursday, 11th of February. Our sick parishioners can inform us that they are willing to receive the anointment of the sick during the Mass at 6 pm on Thursday or at home. The anointment of the sick is a healing sacrament in which God bestows on us all what we need physically and spiritually to overcome illness and suffering. The anointment of the sick is recommended before surgery, for those suffering from chronic illnesses, for elderly. Don’t hesitate to ask for this sacrament.

We encourage parishioners to inform the parish office about possible changes of your address in order to update our register.

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