This post is also available in: Suomi (Finnish)

The Holy Mass and other events can be attended only in good health and with good hand hygiene. The use of a face mask is strongly recommended. Our church is now accessible to 150 people.

The parish council will gather on the next Tuesday, 21.9, after the evening Mass in the parish hall.

The feast of St. Apostle and Evangelist Matthew will be celebrated on the next Tuesday and the commemoration of St. Padre Pio on Thursday.

The First Communion Classes in English begin on the 3rd of October at 10.30 in St. Henry’s parish hall.

The Confirmation Classes in English begin on the 2nd of October at 3 pm in St. Henry’s parish hall.

The Holy Mass will be celebrated in Karjaa on the next Saturday (25.9) in St. Catharine church at 2 pm.

We invite children from 5 to 8 years old to a Sunday school in Finnish. The meeting will take place on the next Sunday, 26.9 at 10 am in the parish hall. There will be Mass in Finnish for children at 11.30.

We thank parishioners who regularly support our parish with the membership fee.

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